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The UK Daily Pundit: Chattering Classes Hijacking Democracy

Link: The UK Daily Pundit: Chattering Classes Hijacking Democracy.

Exactly. And another thing the eco-fascists don't tell you is how many would die as a consequence of scaling back modern civilisation to meet their emissions targets.

Don't worry. Those targets won't be met anyway. Britain produces less that 2% of the world's carbon emissions. Production won't be reduced; it will simply be transferred to India and China. Britain will be taxed to oblivion for nothing. "Climate change", like the "war on terror" is just a pretext for a larger state, with more government powers and more taxes.


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james higham

Interesting that you should employ the term eco-fascist because those sentiments I've now seen three times this morning on various blogs. And it's true - they are the new mafia, the intolerant vendors of compulsion, the PC left. The whole ecological argument has been hijacked.


When I suggested at Crooked Timber that belief in Global Warming was on a par with belief in attacking Iraq, the response was rather hysterical.

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