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SEAL falls on grenade to save comrades - Yahoo! News

Link: SEAL falls on grenade to save comrades - Yahoo! News.

Capt26f8f678be004c3b9fda04a130318474navyIf Michael A. Monsoor (left) was a Petty Officer, 2nd Class what on Earth must a 1st Class Petty Officer be like? We who sit complacently in our living rooms debating the rights and wrongs of war should remember that it means men like this, superb human beings, end up proving their worth in hellish ways.

The greatest threat to our liberty at this moment is the religion of Islam. It seeks to destroy our liberty directly. Our useless governments are, by using the "War on Terror" as a pretext, allowing it to do so indirectly.

It has been recognised as a powerful illiberal force by the familiar enemies of freedom. That is why you will find self-styled "progressives" marching shoulder-to-shoulder with fundamentalist reactionaries who despise everything for which the progressives claim to stand. Each side thinks the other is made up of useful idiots. Only time will tell which side is right.

I have tried to engage British Muslims in debate over at the MPAC-UK site recently. So far the best I have experienced is incomprehension. One semi-literate charmer, alerted to the views of a fellow-Muslim who wrote in The Times on the veils debate dismissed her with the words:

A few words about Saira Khan: she drinks, she never prays, she never goes to mosque, and furhtermore she is married to a kuffar [a non-Muslim fellow citizen of said charmer]. Conclusion, she is an infidel, an enemy of Islam, and must be terated as such

I can only imagine what the MPAC moderators are filtering out from its site's comment threads.

Mike Monsoor was a good man; just a young American with a sense of humour and a love of life. His death to preserve life is the moral antithesis of the barbarous suicide bombings that illustrate the true nature of the evil we face.

How many such young heroes are we prepared to sacrifice before we abandon our ridiculous, happy-clappy "multicultural" illusions? We have sacrificed every last scrap of our dignity in pursuit of these myths, tolerating intolerance itself - and worse. Asian girls in Britain, for example, have a "suicide rate" three times higher than the average. I would bet that those of Chinese or Indian descent don't suicide more frequently than usual. If I am right, the suicide rate among the Muslims in the group must be even more appalling. Either they are being oppressed into despair, or they are being slaughtered in "honour killings" passed off as suicides, which our police are afraid to investigate, for fear of being called the worst of all bad names; "racist".

We have behaved as if we have no culture or values to defend. We do. We can debate whether Iraq was the right place to start that defence. I think most would now agree it was not and/or that the post-invasion politics have been handled incompetently. However, it would never have happened without Islamic terrorism from within Western Muslim communities. Like it or not, honourable men like Michael A. Monsoor are defending our values and putting many of us to shame in the process.

RIP, Mike.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13"

God bless America. And God save Britain.

H/T Symbel Picture credit: Yahoo! News