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Politics - Claim Scots suffer as more Poles need services

Link: News - Politics - Claim Scots suffer as more Poles need services.

What drivel! Why demonise the Polish workers for getting in the queue for Scottish benefits? I lived in Poland for over a decade. No government or local government information was available in anything but Polish. It never occured to me to expect otherwise. I didn't think the Poles were "racists" or that they failed to be "inclusive." If I showed up at a local government office unable to make myself understood, or without a friend who could help me do so, I would - I suspect - have received short shrift.

I don't think Poles coming to work in Britain expect anything different. They will have learned some English and will understand the need to learn more. Why, when the tax burden in Britain is now higher than in Germany (all without Germany's incredibly generous social provision, its efficient police force, its clean streets, its adequate road system or its beautifully clean public transport by the way) would we be spending taxpayers' money on translators?


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james higham

This is the situation in Russia as well. All the girls I know think it simply mandatory to know English to go over and work in the US or UK. The thought doesn't enter their heads to try to do it with only their native language. I'm forever assailed with requests to teach them.

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