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Muslim PC wins right not to protect Israeli Embassy | the Daily Mail

Link: Muslim PC wins right not to protect Israeli Embassy | the Daily Mail.

I suggest that all Christian, Jewish, gay and female police officers immediately file for permission not to be required to guard Muslim embassies or mosques or to respond to emergency calls to Muslim homes. They should state clearly that this is in protest against 9/11, the Madrid bombings, 7/7, the beheading of innocent hostages and the endless stream of anti-semitism from the Muslim community.

This is not justice

Link: Telegraph | Comment | This is not justice.

I am a yankophile. It's a sad fact that to express this, I had to invent a word. The English language has more words than any other - more than twice as many as German, the next largest. In all this wealth of vocabulary are words for those who love the Chinese, the Russians and even the French, but none for those who love our friends across the Pond. Sometimes, I think they should ask themselves why.

They are doing their friends in England yet another injustice by enacting this lopsided treaty, as the Daily Telegraph clearly articulates in the linked article. I don't blame them. I blame our government. It is humiliating us by its submissiveness. It is also building anti-Americanism in Britain, which is now disturbingly rife.

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Wounded soldiers 'get appalling health care'

Link: Telegraph | News | Wounded soldiers 'get appalling health care'.

I defer to no-one in my respect for our armed forces, but aren't these stories rather missing the point? The 'appalling' health care that our soldiers are receiving is exactly the same as that for all Brits not fortunate enough to have private health insurance or to be Government ministers.

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How Cameron can win

Link: 'Let sunshine win the day', says Cameron the optimist - Britain - Times Online.

David Cameron finally came up with a policy that will make it worth my while to register again as an overseas voter. Today he described ID Cards as Labour's

"plastic poll tax, twenty Millennium Domes rolled into one giant catastrophe-in-the-making"

OK, that's my vote. I guess I am a pushover after all.

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