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Muslim attitudes to Terrorism

Link: openDemocracy.

This research was conducted in November 2004 and is very telling. Have a look at Table 2 which presents the percentage of respondents in national samples by Muslim country who labelled certain acts and events “terrorist”.

Only 28% of Lebanese Muslims and 9% of Palestinian Muslims consider attacks on Allied forces in Iraq to be terrorism, for example. Maybe that's understandable, given the information available to them and the way the Allies' role there, trapped as they are between various armed factions funded by Iran and Syria, is presented in the media. Even medical journals now blame the Allies for the people killed by those terrorists "insurgents".

But how about this statistic? Only 22% of Palestinians believe the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center was terrorism. Read it and weep. These people are beyond the pale not just of Western civilisation, but of civilisation itself.

Why do US and EU taxpayers subsidise these murderous folk to the tune of $1 billion? Let's just stop the aid now. It's certainly not buying us any love, peace or gratitude.


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Cllr. Gavin Ayling

But even good, genuine people have swallowed the "terrorists are victims too" twaddle...


"Why do US and EU taxpayers subsidise these murderous folk to the tune of $1 billion?"

But Tom you're asking for actions to have consequences. You know this isn't the way things work any more. Now it's - play the victim - blow up tubes - murder holidaymakers - fly into buildings - kidnap soldiers - vote for terrorists - give us the money, or else!!

Tom Paine

I was never in the first grade, Sam, but I get the flavour of your culturally-insensitive insult, so don't worry about learning any more about the world. I don't normally engage with anonymongs but you clearly have something on your mind (unfortunately without the ability to articulate it). Why don't you tell me clearly what YOUR view of the situation is. Should we subsidise to the tune of $400 million of US taxpayers' and $600 million of EU taxpayers money, people who mostly think events like 9/11 are legitimate "struggle"? I can see you have some problem with what I wrote - enough of a problem to be rude - but if I am wrong, you were not exactly clear enough to educate me so what a waste of anger!!


You are saying that majority of Palestinians don't think that almost 3000
killed in 9/11 is the terrorism. And you surprised why is that!
You don't know how brainwashing appliances works? Really?!

What would majority of Americans say about more than 600,000 killed Iraqis?

Don't even get me into discussion if it true or false number.
Let me say for a second, in real life no one was ever killed in Iraq at all!
Just theoretical question: "What would Americans say if it is really will
happen some day"? And at the same time CNN all anther brainwashing
appliances will be up and running!

It is not the terrorism, and it is not a state terrorism right?
And its not a genocide, right?
And it is not a crime against humanity, right?
And basically nothing wrong with it at all, right?
I know that you like to use word casualties,
but pretend for a second that you are not in the 1-st grade anymore.

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