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Muslim attitudes to Terrorism

Link: openDemocracy.

This research was conducted in November 2004 and is very telling. Have a look at Table 2 which presents the percentage of respondents in national samples by Muslim country who labelled certain acts and events “terrorist”.

Only 28% of Lebanese Muslims and 9% of Palestinian Muslims consider attacks on Allied forces in Iraq to be terrorism, for example. Maybe that's understandable, given the information available to them and the way the Allies' role there, trapped as they are between various armed factions funded by Iran and Syria, is presented in the media. Even medical journals now blame the Allies for the people killed by those terrorists "insurgents".

But how about this statistic? Only 22% of Palestinians believe the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center was terrorism. Read it and weep. These people are beyond the pale not just of Western civilisation, but of civilisation itself.

Why do US and EU taxpayers subsidise these murderous folk to the tune of $1 billion? Let's just stop the aid now. It's certainly not buying us any love, peace or gratitude.