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Only recently I was denounced as a "climate change denier" (an irritating phrase, with its obvious attempt at subconscious association with "holocaust denier"). The Green doing the denouncing scoffed that it's now equivalent to being a flat-earther. That's annoying. I wasn't denying the climate was changing. It is. It always is. I was just suggesting that the causal link to human activity was unproven.

The "Proceedings of the Royal Society A, October 3rd, 2006. Full title: ‘Experimental evidence for the role of ions in particle nucleation under atmospheric conditions’. Authors: Henrik Svensmark, Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen, Nigel Marsh, Martin Enghoff & Ulrik Uggerhøj" seem to suggest that I may be right and the self-righteous prat in question wrong.

How interesting. How interesting too that David Cameron's knack for adopting views just as they are discredited seems to extend to the scientific world, as well as to the political one.


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