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Straw: Is He Really In The Wrong?

Link: Cynical Chatter From The Underworld - Straw: Is He Really In The Wrong?.

This is unbelievably clever politics from New Labour. Jack Straw has said nothing that could be criticised as racist. He has respected the wishes of women who want to wear the full veil. Only the most crazed fanatic could complain that he politely asks if they would mind removing it to talk to him. But he knew he could count on a ready supply of such people. Without doing anything real, he has managed to distance his Party from its longstanding dhimmitude and provoke reputation-enhancing denunciations from the loons of "Respect" and the MPAC.

Again, I don't think Cameron is wise to fight them on their own ground. These guys are really good at the wicked, deceitful games that they play.