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CWF 30th Anniversary Thatcher Dinner

Link: YouTube - CWF 30th Anniversary Thatcher Dinner.

H/T Iain Dale. I commend you for your courage in putting this YouTube video on your site, Iain. It reminded me why I first became involved in politics too. There is not a word on there which is not anathema to the Camerloonies though, so I fear for your Parliamentary career.

Margaret Thatcher converted me from Maoism to Conservatism. Suspended from my secondary school for my revolutionary activities, I went on as chairman of my University Conservatives to be among the first people in Britain to call himself a Thatcherite. She spoke to the aspirations of the working classes (as opposed to the non-working underclasses) of our country in a way that no Labour leader has done since the 1940's.

Don't get me wrong. Margaret made many mistakes, not least in failing to do to the Leftist educational establishment what she did to the Trade Unions. That missed opportunity may yet prove fatal to our status as a civilised country.

Despite all that, and despite that fact that she is not fully a libertarian, she gave me 10 years of hope that my country might have a future. For that I am happy to salute her, and humbly thank her.

David Cameron has so far, by coming out against ID Cards, given me about 30 seconds of hope. I plan to live long enough to give him chance to match her. One of my daughters has just - to my surprised delight - joined the Conservative Party. If one day she is blessed with children, I hope Cameron does enough to have one of my grandchildren named after him as she was named after Margaret. I see no sign of it yet.