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Muslim attitudes to Terrorism
When is it ok to speed?


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I’d be interested in an updated GoogleAnalytics chart (may be two with about six weeks coverage), just to see if the effect did wear off after a while and also, did others link to your new name with the same link-text (allinurl:…). I hope you will publish a follow up.


Thank You !


His "trendy", soft, fuzzy, green-with-a-tinge-of-blue statements have turned this life-long tory voter right off. Unless there's one hell of a change in tory policy by the next election, I'm going to be voting UKIP!

Dave Petterson

My surpris is that it lasted so long before people caught on. It was so obvious from day one.


I think a lot of the problem is that he is on cloud cameron, and is just allowing nulab get away with one thing after another, the latest proposal- compulsory DNA testing for everybody over ten years old. We are living through turbulent times and we have an ineffective opposition.

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