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French in Armenia 'genocide' row

Link: BBC NEWS | World | Europe | French in Armenia 'genocide' row.

This is where the logic of outlawing "Holocaust denial" takes us. If it's illegal to deny one atrocity, why not another? While I despise the current fashion for apologising for history, I have some sympathy with the Armenians. They are understandably infuriated by modern Turkey's refusal to acknowledge its past.

However, passing such laws is a mistake. Everyone should be entitled to state their point of view, however vile - whether it be the Islamic world's routine Holocaust denial or Turkey's denial of this massacre.

Am I too cynical to suspect that the real reason French deputies voted for this was to scupper Turkey's entry to the EU without actually having to state their politically-incorrect reasons for objecting to it?


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I think you have hit the nail on the head.
Mr.Chirac's comment ,years ago was,
"Turkey, Non!, a continent too far!"

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