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Judge critical of MI5 testimony

Link: BBC NEWS | UK | Judge critical of MI5 testimony.

Executive summary: by a fluke, the Government's secret police have been caught out giving contradictory evidence in secret trials involving terrorist suspects. One set of evidence (at least) was a pack of lies.

Only Shami Chakrabarti, as usual, speaks out. Fellow bloggers on the political right consistently attack this woman, who sometimes seems to be the last sane and truthful person in Britain's public life. I have seen her described, by a usually sound blogger whose blushes I will spare, as a "friend of terrorism."

I declare my interest. I am a member of Liberty, the organisation she leads. Anyone who reads this blog with any kind of approval should join.

I could cry to see it traduced by those who should know better when it stands almost alone against the totalitarian tide. It is consistently sound on civil liberties, free and fair trials, ID cards and most issues enemies of the over-mighty state should care about.

What does it take in Britain for heads to roll? Who was in charge of the security services when these lies were told? Can we deport them to some torturing regime or other? Please!?