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Link: Revolution Number Nine « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG.

The Police Inspector Blog, by "Inspector Gadget" is one of my daily reads. His writing is droll and he points up the absurdities which are to be found in policing as much as in any other line of work. Nothing he has ever written has lessened my respect for the work of our police service. Quite the contrary.

He has provided an insight into the life of a police inspector just as interesting as that provided into the life of a PC in the better-known The Policeman's Blog. In both cases, readers learn a lot about police life. Anyone reading either blog is likely to feel more warmly towards our much-hassled policemen.

Now it seems he may be in danger of being dooced.

Frankly, that would be ridiculous. We British are still - just about - free citizens. Inspector Gadget is as entitled to have - and express - an opinion as anyone else. He has never breached confidentiality nor written about cases in a way that could identify the "customers" concerned. I am a lawyer and I think he is every bit as discreet as any member of my profession should be when talking about his work.

In short, there is no valid reason - professional, legal or ethical - to criticise him for his blogging. Unfortunately, in modern Britain, the lack of a valid reason does not always restrain the behaviour of those in authority. Employers and their HR teams often feel able to intrude into areas of our private lives where they have no proper interest.

I urge all readers with a blog to write a testimonial for Inspector Gadget and make sure he knows where to find it. Maybe, just maybe, it will help.