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Revolution Number Nine « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

Link: Revolution Number Nine « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG.

The Police Inspector Blog, by "Inspector Gadget" is one of my daily reads. His writing is droll and he points up the absurdities which are to be found in policing as much as in any other line of work. Nothing he has ever written has lessened my respect for the work of our police service. Quite the contrary.

He has provided an insight into the life of a police inspector just as interesting as that provided into the life of a PC in the better-known The Policeman's Blog. In both cases, readers learn a lot about police life. Anyone reading either blog is likely to feel more warmly towards our much-hassled policemen.

Now it seems he may be in danger of being dooced.

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Sinclair's Musings: The strange death of my libertarianism

Link: Sinclair's Musings: The strange death of my libertarianism.

This is an interesting post. Many of us are so accustomed to having the State to hand as the solution to our pet problem, that the idea of having no recourse to it is terrifying. In consequence, many of us are crypto-libertarians, i.e. we believe in liberty for ourselves and restraint for everyone else.

Matthew Sinclair is burning a straw man. A libertarian is not a person who believes in no state and no law. A libertarian believes that law is a bad thing and that we should only have as much of it as is strictly necessary to maintain order and protect property rights.

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The Remittance Man: Richard Hammond

Link: The Remittance Man: Richard Hammond.

Well said Remittance Man.

"Steve Irwin and Richard Hammond. High priests of the real man's "fuck you" to the safety nazis. Long may their spirit reign."

Ask yourself the question, would you prefer to meet Steve Irwin or Richard Hammond for a beer, or any employee of the Health & Safety Executive?

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Oatens caught up in military coup

Link: BBC NEWS | Politics | Oatens caught up in military coup.

Poor Mrs Oaten. Doesn't she realise that, for so long as she stays with him, she will always end up in the ****? And did no stray thoughts cross her mind when he suggested Bangkok for their holidays?

Still, it may yet work out for her. The sight of the youthful elite of HM the King of Thailand's army may stimulate her husband's appetites, but their curfew will restrict access to the Patpong Road.

Last Ditch "Blog of the Week"

Link: An Englishman's Castle: The Prison Walls close in.

The Englishman's Castle is my first blog of the week. I have no complicated Iain Dale style marking system. I make my choice in an entirely subjective way. In this case, the citation reads "for providing me with the delightful image of

"...wailing Cherie joining all those other Scouse women crying out their man is a good man, he never did it....."

It hasn't happened yet, but we live in hope. In the meantime, that image has the power to make me smile whenever I feel down.