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It’s This Bad by Theodore Dalrymple

Link: It’s This Bad by Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal Spring 2006.

Theodore Dalrymple, as I fear I must do, has given up on his native land and retired to France. He writes eloquently, as always, on the causes of his disillusionment.

Follow the link above to an article which cites several examples of how the British State has forgotten its basic duty to the people it is supposed to serve. After recounting a horrific attack on an innocent man, he says

Perhaps the final insult is that the state is paying for him to have psychotherapy to suppress his anger. “I have this rage inside me for the people who did this,” he said. “I truly hate them.” Having failed in its primary duty, the state then treats the rage naturally consequent upon this failure as pathological, in need of therapy. On reading Peter Wareing’s story, ordinary, decent citizens will themselves feel a sense of impotent rage, despair, betrayal, and abandonment similar to his. Do we all need psychotherapy?

By the logic of the loons who rule us, yes we all do.

h/t John East at Choice Cuts.